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Love Local
Smallshopper was created to help customers easily find locally owned businesses all across the USA. Contact Beth Carroll for any ideas on how to improve this website or help more shoppers and shops find us.
Basic Listing - Free! See sample listing
- Store listing with name, address and phone number
- Map to your store
- Secure link to your shop's email - Included in category, brand and location search
- Coming soon: Mobile App

Featured $9.99/month See sample listing
All of the features included in a Basic Listing PLUS:
- Top listings for searches
- Link to your website
- Small Spotlight Availability
- Customizable: Upload coupons, photo's, and shop information
- Online shop search ability (if you have one)
- Coming soon: Promotional Kit

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1 - You own a brick and mortar business
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4 - You have fewer than 9 locations
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